Mitch Revs' Volkswagen Adventure

In 2016, Mitch Revs, was steadily gaining recognition for his unique and vibrant cartoon-style artwork.
With a few successful brand partnerships under his belt, Mitch was excited about the possibilities that lay ahead.
Little did he know that an email with the subject line "Volkswagen campaign" would lead him on an unexpected and fulfilling journey.

For Mitch, a kombi van was the epitome of his dreams. So, when he received an email about a Volkswagen campaign, he couldn't contain his excitement.
The project was a collaboration between Volkswagen and Target Australia, aimed at promoting local artists.
Mitch was tasked with creating a collection of limited edition T-shirts featuring his signature colorful designs.
It was an opportunity to showcase his talents and combine his passion for art with his love for Volkswagen vehicles.

While Mitch had developed a distinctive style featuring hyper-colorful cartoons, he had never incorporated motor vehicles into his artwork before.
Nevertheless, he saw this campaign as a chance to explore new creative territories and challenge himself.
Mitch enthusiastically began working on a series of designs that would bring together his vibrant style and the iconic Volkswagen brand.

As with any creative endeavor, not all of Mitch's designs made the final cut.
However, what was considered to be rejected "throwaway" artworks turned out to be the hidden gems of the project.
Two of the artworks that Volkswagen initially passed on became two of Mitch Revs' best-selling pieces over the years to come.
These artworks, known as the "road trip series," resonated with fans and collectors alike, capturing the essence of adventure and wanderlust.

Despite not personally witnessing the campaign's impact, Mitch was informed that the T-shirts sold extremely well.
The collaboration between Volkswagen and Target Australia had undoubtedly introduced his artwork to a broader audience, further establishing his reputation as a talented artist.

September 17, 2016 — MRG

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