Celebrating Elton John's Farewell Tour

The vibrant city of Newcastle, Australia, experienced a burst of creativity and excitement when local artist Mitch joined forces with Venues NSW for an extraordinary project. In honor of Elton John's final tour, "Farewell Yellow Brick Road," which made its first stop in Newcastle at the iconic McDonald Jones Stadium. Revs was commissioned to paint two pianos. One piano was painted live at Westfield Kotara, while the other found its home at McDonald Jones Stadium.
Revs also created a permanent mural, capturing the significance of the occasion and the venue's rich sporting history.

As part of the collaboration, the first piano, symbolising the magic of Elton John's farewell tour, was painted live at Westfield Kotara. Shoppers and passersby had the unique opportunity to witness Mirch's creative process firsthand, as he brought the piano to life with his distinctive style and energetic brushstrokes. This piano was auctioned off and went under the hammer for $3,700 with all proceeds donated to 'Got Your Back Sista' and "Nova Women and Children.'

The second hand painted piano took its place at the entry of the McDonald Jones Stadium. Positioned strategically, this artwork became a symbol of the stadium's connection to Elton John's final tour and the energy it brought to the city.
Visitors and concert-goers were greeted by the visually captivating piano, serving as a colorful reminder of the once-in-a-lifetime performance that awaited them. Inspired by the musical legacy of Elton John, Revs' transformed the piano into a work of art that celebrated both the artist and the venue.

In addition to the painted pianos, Mitch Revs was also entrusted with the creation of a permanent mural, paying homage to Elton John's farewell tour and the rich sporting history of McDonald Jones Stadium.
This mural became a lasting tribute to the significance of the event and the cultural impact it had on the city.
Revs skillfully blended elements of music, sport, and Newcastle's local identity into a visual narrative that resonated with both residents and visitors. Mitch also created a tour poster that was gifted to Elton and his crew during their stay in Newcastle

January 13, 2023 — MRG