A Taste of Australia

In the world of brand collaborations, artists often find unique opportunities to express their creativity and connect with a broader audience. One such extraordinary collaboration took place when Vegemite, the iconic Australian spread, approached artist Mitch Revs to reimagine their label for their 95th birthday celebration. What followed was a whirlwind of inspiration, creativity, and a shared vision to capture the essence of Australia through art.

It all began on the 15th of March 2018 when Mitch Revs received an unexpected email from Vegemite expressing their interest in collaborating with him. The invitation came at a time when Mitch's artistic talent had gained recognition, leaving him intrigued but also skeptical about the collaboration's authenticity..

The artist brief outlined the challenge presented to six Australian artists: to rework the iconic Vegemite label with their unique interpretation of "Tastes Like Australia" for the brand's 95th birthday. Out of the six artists, three would be selected (Mitch Revs, David Bromley and Claudia Moodoonuthito) who worked closely with Bega (Vegemite) to finalise their designs. The pressure was on, with a two-week deadline to submit his creative concept.

 The weight of creating something that captured the essence of Australia while aligning with the brand's identity weighed heavily on him. To regain his perspective, he decided to strip away the brand's significance and focus on his personal connection to Australia.

As the submission deadline loomed, Mitch had an internal conversation that shifted his approach.
He realised that his own artistic style, with its vibrant colors and laid-back feel, was a perfect reflection of Australia's essence. Rather than overthinking, he decided to create a simplified version of one of his chaotic beach scenes, aiming to make it visually appealing and captivating, especially for children.

With renewed clarity, Mitch developed his concept—a simplified beach scene that encapsulated the Australian lifestyle: the outback, the ocean, road trips, and carefree moments of youth. It would evoke the feeling of summer sun, endless fun, and nostalgic memories. His vision was to design a jar that children would gravitate towards, envisioning it as the one they would excitedly select from the shelf and place in the shopping cart.

Armed with his Photoshop skills, Mitch Revs translated his concept onto the iconic yellow top jar, creating a visually striking representation of his artistic vision. With the design completed, he spent an hour admiring it, imagining his creation on the store shelves—a testament to his dedication and passion for this project. Finally, he attached and sent his submission, brimming with confidence and determination. The original painting was auctioned off, and all the proceeds were donated to the Westpac Rescue Helicopter

April 01, 2018 — MRG

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