Vibrant Art Meets Iconic Sneakers

When art and fashion collide, magic happens. And that's exactly what occurred when Mitch Revs joined forces with Vans Australia to celebrate the opening of their new store in Charlestown. As a part of this exciting collaboration, Mitch showcased his talent by painting an oversized #sk8hi shoe live outside the store, captivating passersby with his bold and vibrant colors.

By collaborating with Vans Australia, an iconic brand known for its timeless sneakers and commitment to creativity, Mitch had the perfect canvas to create something truly special. The oversized #sk8hi shoe became the centerpiece of this collaboration. Drawing inspiration from the sneaker's classic design, Mitch used a palette of bold colors such as blue, yellow, pink, and red. The result was a visually striking artwork that perfectly encapsulated the spirit of Vans and Mitch's unique style.

Mitch painted the oversized shoe live outside the new Vans store in Charlestown. This provided an opportunity for art enthusiasts and vans fans to witness the creation process firsthand. Passersby were able to engage with Mitch, ask questions, and gain insights into his artistic techniques.

The live painting event generated a buzz of anticipation and curiosity, drawing a crowd that eagerly watched as Mitch transformed a blank canvas into a captivating work of art. This immersive experience allowed the community to witness the convergence of art and fashion in real-time, fostering a sense of connection and appreciation for both disciplines. The oversized shoe became a visual spectacle that captured the attention and imagination of all who passed by, adding a touch of whimsy to the bustling shopping centre.

September 30, 2022 — MRG

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