A Fusion of Art and Supercars

The Thrifty Newcastle 500 Supercars Championship is an annual event that brings together motorsport enthusiasts from around the world. In 2023, Mitch Revs joined forces with the Thrifty Newcastle 500 Supercars Championship and created an unforgettable experience for both fans and aspiring artists.

Mitch Revs crafted 12 unique illustrations all available for sale during the event, each one representing a different Supercars team. From Red Bull and Shell to Castrol and more, each artwork captured the energy of these powerful racing machines.

One of the highlights of this collaboration was the creation of a painting by Mitch, exclusively for the Thrifty Newcastle 500 Supercars Championship. The artwork was painted live during the driver breakfast and throughout the three-day trackside event. This unique piece of art was later auctioned, with all proceeds generously going towards the Westpac Rescue Helicopter service. Not only did this collaboration bring art and motorsport together, but it also helped support a vital community service, adding an extra layer of significance to the event.

Mitch Revs Gallery, in collaboration with the Supercars Championship, organised trackside "Decked Out" workshops within the super kids zone. These workshops were designed to engage children and encourage their creativity while their parents enjoyed the Supercars event. The workshops provided a fantastic opportunity for young artists to learn from Mitch's expertise and explore their own artistic talents. The vibrant atmosphere and excitement that filled the air as children expressed their creativity through painting further enhanced the overall experience for families attending the event.

The combination of thrilling motorsport action with Mitch's illustrations and live painting created a multidimensional experience for attendees. Fans had the opportunity to witness the power and excitement of Supercars on the track while also immersing themselves in the world of art and creativity.

March 17, 2023 — MRG

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