Create Your Vision

In the world of art and photography, finding the perfect camera is akin to discovering a new brush or palette for a painter.
It becomes an extension of the artist's vision, enabling them to capture their creativity with unparalleled precision and detail.
Mitch Revs embarked on an extraordinary collaboration with Sony Australia for their 'Create Your Vision' campaign, centered around the launch of the Alpha 7C camera. For Mitch, this experience was not just about capturing breathtaking imagery, but also about immersing himself in the creative process alongside a talented team.

As an artist constantly on the move, Mitch Revs found several features of the Sony Alpha 7C that perfectly aligned with his artistic lifestyle. First and foremost was its size and weight, which allowed him to carry it effortlessly wherever inspiration struck. Whether capturing stunning landscapes or documenting his artistic process, the lightweight Alpha 7C became an extension of his creative vision, ensuring he never missed a moment.

While the Alpha 7C proved to be a perfect tool for Mitch Revs, it was his collaboration with the creative team at Sony Australia that truly made this experience unforgettable.
Immersed in the process of bringing the 'Create Your Vision' campaign to life, Mitch found himself entranced by the team's dedication and expertise. Their seamless collaboration and shared passion for creativity ignited his own artistic fire and reminded him of the power of collective inspiration.

During the campaign, Mitch temporarily disconnected from the fact that they were shooting, as he was wholly engrossed in the intricate details and techniques shared by the creative team. Witnessing the fusion of technical expertise and artistic vision solidified Mitch's belief that the Alpha 7C was tailor-made for all creatives seeking to elevate their craft.

Through the lens of the Sony Alpha 7C, Mitch captured his new body of work with unparalleled precision, enabling viewers to experience the same intricate details as if they were physically present in his gallery. Beyond the camera's technical prowess, it was the shared passion and creative energy between Mitch and the Sony Australia team that made this journey truly unforgettable. As Mitch Revs continues to evolve as an artist, the Alpha 7C remains a trusted companion, capturing his artistic vision and enabling him to share his creativity with the world.

October 01, 2020 — MRG

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