Dreams in Color

Sometimes, life comes full circle, and childhood dreams become a vibrant reality. Mitch recently had the opportunity to collaborate with Porsche Newcastle to commemorate the iconic brand's 75th anniversary. This special occasion brought together Mitch's passion for art, his childhood memories, and his grandfather's love for fast cars. As Mitch painted a Porsche Taycan bonnet live during the family day at the Newcastle Porsche Centre, dreams were realised, and imagination took flight.

Mitch's childhood memories revolve around spending countless hours at his grandparents' place. It was a sanctuary of love, creativity, and endless possibilities. With his father and grandfather engrossed in their engineering endeavors, young Mitch found solace with his doting grandmother. She nurtured his creativity, encouraged his dreams, and filled his days with delicious homemade treats. One of the highlights was the ever-filled jar of sweets, always ready to bring joy to his young heart.

His grandfather's love for cars, especially Porsches, became a central part of Mitch's upbringing. His grandfather's collection seemed ever-changing, as he rarely held onto a car for more than six months, unless it truly captured his heart. A new car brought excitement, and Mitch recalls eagerly sitting in the front seat while his grandfather turned it on for their weekly Rev session. Although driving those cars was a rarity due to his grandfather's work commitments, the sound and smell of the engines ignited a spark within Mitch, fueling his dreams of one day merging his love for art with his grandfather's beloved Porsches.

When Mitch received the opportunity to collaborate with Porsche Newcastle, emotions overwhelmed him, as he realized the significance of the moment. His grandfather would have been ecstatic, his spirit shining down with pride. Mitch understood the weight of the occasion and the depth of his connection to the brand that had been a constant in his family's life. This collaboration allowed him to honor his grandfather's memory in a truly remarkable way.

During the family day at the Newcastle Porsche Centre, live before the audience, he transformed a Porsche Taycan bonnet into a vibrant canvas of color and imagination. Each stroke of his brush was infused with the memories of his grandfather, the love for cars, and the dream of bringing art and automotive together. It was a mesmerising display, captivating the onlookers and allowing them to witness the birth of a dream, right before their eyes.

In addition to Mitch's live painting, the event at Porsche Newcastle also hosted kids' workshops, where young enthusiasts were given the opportunity to create their own Porsche-inspired artwork on canvas. The joy and excitement on their faces mirrored Mitch's own childhood experiences. The workshops served as a reminder of the importance of encouraging creativity and nurturing dreams in the next generation.

Mitch's collaboration with Porsche Newcastle stands as a testament to the power of dreams and the significance of childhood memories. It represents the intersection of passion, creativity, and the indelible bond between generations.
Mitch's journey from a child sitting in his grandfather's cars to an accomplished artist painting on a Porsche is a testament to the magic that can happen when dreams are pursued with unwavering dedication.

June 17, 2023 — MRG