Mitch Joins Forces with the Norris Nuts for Epic Merch Line!

The Norris Nuts, a family of seven who have taken the internet by storm, are known for their entertaining YouTube videos and vibrant personalities. With a massive YouTube following of 6.45 million and an Instagram following of 1M, their influence is undeniable.
In 2020, they joined forces with Mitch Revs, to create an exclusive range of merchandise for their online store.

Mitch Revs, an artist with a mission to inspire children to embrace their creative sides, found a perfect match in the Norris Nuts.
He believes that being creative is just as important as being active, and his collaboration with the Norris Nuts reflects this belief.
By working closely with Sabre, Sockie, Naz, and Biggy, Mitch created a unique mash-up design that incorporates their ideas and the things that inspire them.

The Norris Nuts' online store is filled with merchandise that showcases their individuality and creativity.
From t-shirts and hoodies to accessories and stationery, there is something for every fan to enjoy.

The highlight of the collaboration is undoubtedly the mash-up design created by Mitch Revs and the Norris Nuts.
This design combines the ideas and inspirations of each of the Norris siblings, resulting in a truly unique and colorful masterpiece.
It captures the essence of their YouTube channel, their adventures, and the values they cherish.
The design celebrates their unity as a family while showcasing their individual personalities.

Norris Nuts merch can be purchased HERE

July 17, 2023 — MRG

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