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Art has the remarkable ability to transform spaces, evoke emotions, and bring communities together. In an exciting collaboration, Mitch Revs joined forces with the prestigious Newcastle Racecourse to create a captivating two-part mural project. This artistic endeavor aimed to infuse the venue with a sense of vibrancy and celebrate the dynamic world of horse racing. With the first mural adorning the foyer's entryway and the second spanning the grandstand's side, Revs left an indelible mark on the racecourse that resonates with locals and visitors alike.

Upon entering the Newcastle Racecourse's foyer, visitors are greeted by an eye catching mural created by Mitch Revs. This first mural beautifully captures the essence of horse racing with a touch of enchantment. Revs skillfully depicted three majestic horses in a floral motif, their powerful forms brought to life with vibrant hues of purple, red and blue. The mural's backdrop features an array of intricate florals, providing a harmonious blend of spring florals and sporting elegance. As spectators pass through the entryway, they are instantly immersed in the spirit of horse racing.
The mural serves as an invitation, beckoning guests to embark on a thrilling journey through the captivating world that lies ahead.
In July 2022, Mitch Revs unveiled a large breathtaking mural that adorns the side of the grandstand at Newcastle Racecourse. Aptly titled "Be Part of the Action," this colossal artwork celebrates the electric atmosphere of horse racing, capturing the excitement and energy of a spring carnival. Revs skillfully merged elements of Newcastle's iconic locatwons such as Nobbys, with the thundering presence of horses and the enthusiasm of cheering crowds. The mural's bold color palette, featuring striking hues of purple, blue, and pink, creates a visually stimulating experience for racegoers and art enthusiasts alike. The mural also pays tribute to prominate local horse racing families such as the Lees family.
The larger-than-life mural entices visitors to immerse themselves in the racing experience.
Its immersive depiction of horses galloping towards the finish line, and a sea of jubilant onlookers creates an atmosphere of anticipation and celebration. "Be Part of the Action" serves as a captivating backdrop for countless photos and selfies, providing an interactive and memorable experience for racecourse visitors.
July 18, 2023 — MRG

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