From Canvas to Field

When passion and talent come together, extraordinary things can happen. For Mitch Revs, this was certainly the case. His dream of designing a jersey for his favorite NRL team, the Newcastle Knights, became a thrilling reality.

The journey began when Revs created a piece for Surfest in 2018. The artwork beautifully depicted the essence of Newcastle, in particular Merewether Beach, celebrating its unique spirit and breathtaking coastline.
Mitch's art often featured the city's iconic coastline and landmarks, resonating deeply with the residents of Newcastle.

As an avid Newcastle Knights fan since childhood, Revs couldn't have anticipated the incredible news that awaited him. The NRL Nines jersey design committee chose his aretwrok to be featured on the team's jersey for the upcoming match in Perth on February 14 2020. Overwhelmed with joy, Revs recounted, "I've been a Knights fan my whole life, as well as all my mates. It was a pretty special moment for me to tell them that (I was designing the jersey)."

Revs poured his heart and soul into the jersey design, staying true to his artistic style by highlighting the essence of Newcastle's coastline and its people. It's a piece that captures not only the spirit of Newcastle but also the rich history of the Knights, resonating with fans of all ages.

As the NRL Nines event approached, Revs admitted to being overwhelmed with anticipation. Seeing the players run out onto the field donning his creation was an emotional moment for him. "It's going to be one of those things where I won't fully understand how I'll feel until I see it," Revs shared, brimming with excitement.

Once the jerseys were made available for fans to purchase, they soon sold out quickley, and will undoubtedly become treasured keepsakes. Revs's artwork etched onto the jersey will forever hold a special place in the hearts of Knights supporters and art enthusiasts alike.

Mitch spoke to ABC's Dan Cox and Jenny Marchant.

February 21, 2020 — MRG

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