love water day

The year 2020 began with an eerie orange haze that engulfed Australia due to the catastrophic bushfires that ravaged the continent. These fires not only brought destruction and loss but also exacerbated the ongoing water crisis. With vast areas suffering from drought, water restrictions were imposed to manage the dwindling water supply. The nation was in dire need of a collective effort to conserve water and mitigate the effects of this unfolding ecological disaster.

Amid the harsh realities of 2020, Mitch Revs teamed up with Hunter Water to raise awareness about water conservation. Recognising the urgent need to preserve this finite resource, Mitch took the initiative to promote Love Water Day on the 24th of October. This collaboration served as a powerful platform to encourage individuals to adopt water-saving habits and contribute to the collective effort of conserving water.

As part of his commitment to the cause, Mitch Revs took practical steps to save water during National Water Week. He demonstrated simple yet effective ways to reduce water consumption in daily life. By leaving buckets around his yard to collect rainwater, Mitch utilised this natural resource to wash his brushes and water plants around the house. Such efforts not only conserve water but also promote sustainable practices that benefit the environment.

Mitch also encouraged water-wise gardening practices to the public. He suggested that when it rained, people should place their potted plants outdoors to allow them to soak in the rainwater. This not only minimises the need for artificial watering but also nourishes plants with the natural nutrients provided by rainwater.

“My partner Emily and I leave little jars and containers around the garden to collect rainwater for our indoor plants and I actually also use rainwater to rinse my wetsuits. “It might only seem like a small gesture but, if we all make Smart Water Choices part of our everyday habits then, together, we can make a big difference when it comes to conserving our precious resource,” - Mitch Revs.

Mitch was also commissioned to create a vibrant "love water' mural in the staff area of the Hunter Water building.  

July 20, 2023 — MRG

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