Breaking Boundaries Through Art and Science

The HMRI Art Series, a long-standing tradition in the Hunter region, once again merges scientific brilliance with creative artistry in its 2023 edition. This year, Professor Brett Nixon, the recipient of the HMRI Award for Research Excellence, and Mitch Revs, joined forces to create a thought-provoking collaboration. The artwork, unveiled during the HMRI Annual Medical Research Week Community Seminar, sheds light on the challenging subject of infertility.

Since its inception in 2005, the HMRI Art Series has become an annual tradition, thanks to the support of Adjunct Professor Chris and Shirley Piggott, as well as the generosity of local artists in the Hunter region. Each year, the recipient of the HMRI Award for Research Excellence has the opportunity to collaborate with a local artist, combining their research with artistic expression. The resulting artworks are auctioned at HMRI's Annual Ball, with proceeds being reinvested in further research endeavors.

Mitch Revs was commissioned to create this year's artwork, drawing inspiration from the life's work of Professor Brett Nixon and delving into the realm of infertility. The artwork, titled 'Seedling,' was unveiled during the HMRI Annual Medical Research Week Community Seminar, where more than 350 guests witnessed this captivating piece firsthand.

Despite being unable to attend the unveiling in person due to illness, Mitch Revs joined the event remotely, sharing his artistic journey and the emotions behind 'Seedling'.
Struggling to transform the microscopic world of infertility research into a canvas, Mitch reached out to his friend, Andrew Sambell, who penned a moving poem that perfectly complemented the artwork's theme.
The collaboration between art and poetry added depth and meaning to 'Seedling,' resonating with everyone present.

Professor Frances Kay-Lambkin, HMRI Director, emphasised the significance of the HMRI Art Series in communicating the value of medical research to the community. The fusion of art and research not only supports local artists but also helps in visually conveying complex ideas and garnering attention for important causes.

Professor Nixon, deeply moved by Mitch Revs' creation, expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to collaborate and the emotional depth captured in 'Seedling.'

“I am deeply indebted to Mitch Revs for his incredible artwork portraying the significance of our research.
It is an exceptional piece of art that he has created and one that is full of symbolism capturing the emotional journey that couples with infertility face. Hearing the backstory to the work brought tears to my eyes as I am sure it did to most in the audience. I’m in awe of how Mitch has been able to transform my life’s work into such a stunning artwork and the unveiling will be a moment that lives with me always and will serve as a source of inspiration as I continue my research journey.” - Professor Brett Nixon

The HMRI Art Series stands as a testament to the importance of medical research and its impact on the community.
It offers local artists a unique platform to contribute to the conversation and raise awareness.
'Seedling' exemplifies the fruitful union of art and science, reinforcing the ongoing commitment to furthering research goals.
The artwork's auction success, selling for an impressive $7,000.00, demonstrates the collective support for this vital cause.
June 09, 2023 — MRG

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