FogHorn Brewery expands to the Hunter Valley

In 2020, an exciting collaboration took place in the greater Hunter region, as FogHorn Brewery, Newcastle's first modern craft brewery and restaurant, decided to expand into the picturesque Hunter Valley. To mark this momentous occasion, FogHorn Brewery enlisted the talents of local artist Mitch Revs to create a stunning mural on the side of their building. The mural not only celebrates craft beer but also pays homage to the beauty and charm of the Hunter Valley. Mitch Revs' artwork has become an iconic piece of local art, transforming the brewery's exterior wall into a visual love letter to craft beer and the Hunter Valley.

Established in 2014 with a vision to revitalise Newcastle's hospitality scene, FogHorn Brewery quickly became a leader in the craft beer movement. With decades of brewing experience, the brewery set out to elevate Newcastle's reputation as the craft beer capital of Australia. Its unique combination of craft beer and a restaurant experience made it a go-to destination for beer enthusiasts and foodies alike. Over the years, FogHorn gained immense popularity and success, and a recent partnership with investors Founders First allowed them to venture into wholesale production, further solidifying their presence in the craft beer market.

In a bold move, FogHorn Brewery decided to expand its footprint into the Hunter Valley. The expansion involved transforming the existing Hunter Beer Co at Potter's Hotel into a craft beer haven. This strategic decision not only allowed FogHorn to tap into the region's thriving tourism industry but also provided an opportunity to showcase the brewery's exceptional craft beer offerings amidst the scenic beauty of the Hunter Valley.

As part of their expansion celebrations, FogHorn Brewery sought to leave a lasting artistic imprint on their new location. They turned to local artist Mitch Revs, who is renowned for his vibrant, expressive, and captivating artwork. With a strong focus on community and an eye for the essence of Newcastle's culture, Mitch Revs was the perfect choice to create a mural that would celebrate craft beer and the Hunter Valley region.

Mitch's bright and fun creations depicted the joy and passion that craft beer brings to people's lives. Additionally, the mural paid homage to Foghorn's 1st location in Newcastle by including iconic Newcastle landmarks, and idyllic landscapes of the Hunter Valley, capturing the essence of the region's charm and allure.

August 17, 2020 — MRG