Trudi Vitnell

Trudi Vitnell, a longtime resident of Newcastle, is a passionate artist who has embraced retirement after leaving a nursing career. Her seamless transition owes much to her profound love for art, painting, and creativity. Trudi has explored various mediums, finding solace and growth in her artistic journey. Living in close proximity to the beach has infused her work with inspiration drawn from the stunning coastal landscapes, characterized by vibrant colors, graceful curves, and captivating lines.

While Trudi predominantly works with watercolors, she also enjoys experimenting with oil pastels and acrylics. One of her notable pieces, "Cliff To Bar," depicts a familiar beachscape from her daily walks, capturing the intricate imprints left by the waves on the shore and the ever-changing hues of the ocean depths.

Grateful for the opportunity to share her art with others, Trudi finds immense joy in seeing her creations adorning the walls of homes—a testament to the connection her work fosters with its viewers. As she continues her artistic journey, Trudi remains dedicated to her craft, fueled by the appreciation and encouragement of those who admire her work.