Squidless Studios

Squidless Studios emerges as the brainchild of Madison Battams, an ardent artist who has discovered her creative haven within the lively Newcastle art scene.

As a sole proprietor, Madison infuses each creation with her heartfelt dedication, drawing inspiration from the cozy confines of her kitchen table.

The inception of Squidless Studios can be traced back to a memorable evening in 2019, when Madison found herself engaged in a spirited debate over baby names at a Thai restaurant. Proposing the name "Squid" for a baby, she encountered fierce opposition. Undeterred by the disagreement, Madison embarked on a transformative journey.

The world underwent profound changes with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, leading to Madison's unemployment. Seeking solace in her artistic talents, she began painting and sharing her creations on Instagram. Initially intended for a small circle of friends, her art quickly gained widespread acclaim, prompting the establishment of a dedicated Instagram account to showcase her work.

Reflecting on her past aspirations and the unused baby name, "Squid," Madison found inspiration for her brand name. Adding "less" to symbolise the absence of actual squids and embracing the notion as a catalyst for boundless artistic expression, Squidless Studios was born.

With unwavering dedication, Madison continues to craft captivating works from her kitchen table, captivating art enthusiasts worldwide with her distinctive vision and creativity.