In 2007, Prudence graduated with a double degree in Fine Art and Education from Newcastle University, setting the stage for a multifaceted career journey. For the past decade, she has immersed herself in the realm of special education, serving as an Assistant Principal at a local Newcastle special school. However, a serendipitous moment during maternity leave reignited her lifelong passion for painting, leading her back to her artistic roots.

Now based in Newcastle, NSW, Prudence channels her creative energy from her studio, where she delves into the world of acrylics on canvas. Inspired by a myriad of influences including nature, architecture, design, music, and fashion, she crafts abstract paintings that range from dynamic bursts of color to meticulously structured geometric and organic forms.

Prudence's artistic prowess has garnered recognition both locally and internationally, with her works featured in numerous joint and solo exhibitions across Australia. Her original paintings and prints have found homes in collections around the globe, further solidifying her impact on the art world. Notably, her artistry graced the screens of The Block in both 2020 and 2021, capturing the attention of audiences far and wide.

Continuing to push boundaries, Prudence has ventured into exciting collaborations, leaving her mark in diverse industries. Her textile designs took center stage at the 2022 Afterpay Australian Fashion Week, showcasing her versatile creativity and keen eye for design. Collaborations with esteemed brands like Earp Distilling Co, New Zealand Skin Co, and GYRE have further elevated her profile, cementing her status as a visionary artist with a penchant for innovation.