Liz Fox

Liz, a multimedia artist based in Newcastle, NSW, Australia, draws her inspiration from nature, focusing on flora and fauna in her paintings. Her creative process is deeply intuitive, often sparked by moments of clarity or vivid dreams. Using charcoal, inks, acrylics, watercolors, and pastels, she crafts pieces that range from emotionally charged expressions, like her 'Bark' series, to inventive interpretations of the natural world in her 'Botanical' series.

With a diverse background in interior design, property staging, and fashion, Liz brings a unique perspective to her art. After a hiatus of 25 years, she rekindled her passion for painting in 2022, earning recognition in her first exhibition with a "Commended" award for her piece 'Golden Banksia'. Now painting daily, Liz finds joy in both the process and the satisfaction of creation.