Justin Lees

Justin is a visual artist based in Newcastle, Australia, where he has cultivated his passion for drawing since childhood. After earning tertiary qualifications in Graphic Design and Photography in 2009, Justin embarked on a professional journey that eventually led him back to his artistic roots. Rediscovering his love for painting, photography, and design, Justin now thrives as a full-fledged abstract expressionist painter.

His artwork is characterized by bold, vibrant colors and dynamic brushwork, reminiscent of abstract Expressionism. Drawing inspiration from his emotions, memories, and the energy of sound, Justin's creations exude a sense of controlled chaos, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in the captivating interplay of motion and color.

Over the years, Justin has showcased his work in solo and joint exhibitions at galleries in Newcastle, as well as contributing to group shows and charitable causes. His artistic endeavors have not only garnered critical acclaim but have also raised significant funds for organizations such as HMRI and the Mark Hughes Foundation.

In 2019, Justin was honored as the resident artist for the Hunter Medical Research Institute, raising over $7000 through the auction of his original work. Despite the challenges posed by the global pandemic in 2020, Justin enjoyed a near-sold-out solo show at Blackstone Gallery in Newcastle, along with numerous commissions and charitable contributions.

In 2021, Justin participated in The Other Art Fair in Sydney and showcased his work in group exhibitions at Newcastle Art Space. With plans for another solo show at Blackstone Gallery in September, Justin continues to expand his artistic horizons, with his pieces finding homes in private collections across Australia, New Zealand, England, and Europe.