Justin Lees

Justin is visual artist based in the coastal town of Newcastle, Australia. Justin has been drawing for as long as he can remember, After earning his tertiary qualifications in Graphic Design and Photography (2009) Justin set out on new endeavors finally coming full circle and returning to his roots and rekindling his love of painting, photography and design into a full-fledged professional career as an abstract, expressionist painter.

Justin’s work is big, bright, vivid and reminiscent of abstract expressionism and gestural abstraction periods from New York in the 50’s and 60’s. The artworks seem to take on a life of their own and are very much inspired by his surroundings, whether that be, sight or sound. Justin also draws on a lot of feelings and memories through his work, using abstraction and broad strokes of colour, along with the quickness and free flowing nature of finer strokes that are almost signature like in appearance. A controlled mess, if you will.

Justin had a number of solo and joint exhibitions at independent galleries in Newcastle throughout the late 2000’s and after a small hiatus from painting contributed to group shows as well as donating significant works towards charitable causes such HMRI and the Mark Hughes Foundation. In 2019, Justin was asked by the Hunter Medical Research Institute to be the 2019 resident artist and to work along side Prof. Jennifer Martin in creating an original work to be auctioned off, raising over $7000. In 2020, Justin was commissioned once again by HMRI to create an original piece of work to be auctioned off in May.