Dale Lotherington

Dale's journey into photography was sparked by a lifelong passion for creativity and seizing the essence of 'Special Moments.' As he delved deeper into his craft, he uncovered the captivating art of long exposure photography, a technique that instantly captured his heart.

Residing in the enchanting coastal city of Newcastle, NSW, Dale finds himself surrounded by stunning beaches, offering endless opportunities for breathtaking coastal captures during sunrise and sunset.

His exploration of photography led him to develop a keen interest in astrophotography, particularly star trails. Delving into the manipulation of time and light, Dale discovered the boundless creative possibilities inherent in this genre. Immersed in the tranquility of the night sky, he found a profound appreciation for the beauty of the cosmos.

With astrophotography, Dale can freeze the movement of stars and weave them into a single mesmerizing image, spanning minutes to hours. The result is a visual spectacle that transcends the limits of human vision, inviting viewers to dream larger and embrace the wonder of the universe.