Dale Lotherington

Dale Lotherington, a talented and passionate photographer hailing from the vibrant city of Newcastle, NSW, has always been driven by a deep love for creativity and the art of capturing life's most cherished moments. As he honed his craft, he stumbled upon the mesmerizing world of long exposure photography, and it was a revelation that set his heart ablaze.

Living in the coastal paradise of Newcastle has been a serendipitous blessing for Dale, as it gifted him with access to breathtaking beaches that serve as the perfect canvas for his sunset and sunrise coastal captures. The interplay of light, water, and nature in this scenic backdrop allowed him to paint ethereal scenes that evoke emotions and transport viewers to serene realms.

Amidst his photographic journey, Dale encountered the enchanting realm of astrophotography, with a specific fascination for the magical allure of star trails. The manipulation of time and light in this genre unlocked boundless creative possibilities that fueled his imagination to unprecedented heights. Under the night skies adorned with sparkling stars, Dale found a profound appreciation for the celestial wonders that grace our world.

In Dale's hands, long exposures and the celestial dance of stars came together to create captivating visual narratives. Merging multiple moments captured over several minutes to hours, he brought forth striking images that remain invisible to the naked eye, unveiling the breathtaking beauty of the nocturnal heavens.