Craig Sanders

Craig Sanders is a Newcastle based Artist who has a passion for painting Australia,
in particular Newcastle and The Port Stephens area. Craig mainly uses Acrylics but also paints with oils.
Craig started painting back in 1986 in highschool, however he didn't really paint anything after highschool until about 2014 when his father-in-law required full time in home care.

Craigs influences would be the Heidleburg school painters such as Authur Streeto, Tom  Roberts, Fredderick Mccubbin and Charles Condor to name a few. He obseved that their grasp of color and light in Australia before colour photography was incredible.
When Craig was a teenager he lived in Adelaide and used to catch a train into the city and visit the Art Gallery and Museum to see one painting in particular painted in 1885 by Henry J Johnstone, titled - Evening Shadows (Backwaters of the Murray River)

"sitting staring at this painting sometimes for what seamed like hours was probaly why i fell in love with the Australian bush as a topic to paint"- Craig Sanders