Craig Sanders

Craig Sanders, a talented artist based in Newcastle, is driven by a profound passion for capturing the essence of Australia through his paintings, with a particular focus on Newcastle and the Port Stephens area. Working primarily with acrylics, Craig also explores the rich depth of oils in his artwork.

Although Craig's artistic journey officially began in high school back in 1986, it wasn't until around 2014 that he fully embraced painting again. This resurgence was spurred by a significant life event when his father-in-law required full-time in-home care.

Drawing inspiration from the renowned Heidelberg school painters such as Arthur Streeton, Tom Roberts, Frederick McCubbin, and Charles Conder, Craig admires their mastery of color and light in depicting the Australian landscape before the era of color photography.

Reflecting on his formative years, Craig recalls the profound impact of visiting the Art Gallery and Museum in Adelaide during his teenage years. It was there that he found himself captivated by Henry J. Johnstone's 1885 masterpiece, "Evening Shadows (Backwaters of the Murray River)." This experience left an indelible mark on Craig, igniting his enduring love for the Australian bush and inspiring him to explore it as a central theme in his paintings.

For Craig, each brushstroke is a tribute to the beauty and serenity of the Australian landscape, echoing the timeless allure of the natural world that continues to inspire artists across generations.