Amy O'Donnell

Amy O'Donnell, an artist based in the Hunter Valley, has always been guided by her unwavering passion for painting and artistic creation. Growing up surrounded by the picturesque landscapes of Bathurst, her fascination with art ignited at an early age, drawing inspiration from the natural beauty that enveloped her.

Currently rooted in the enchanting environs of the Hunter Valley, Amy's artistic prowess shines through her mastery of acrylic painting. Her vibrant and daring self-taught techniques reflect the essence of her rural upbringing, capturing the boldness and brilliance of her surroundings with each brushstroke.

Amy's artistic journey extends beyond the canvas, as she actively showcases and sells her work at various local galleries. Amidst a perpetual list of commissions, she finds fulfillment in her roles as a devoted mother to three young girls and a compassionate registered nurse.