Amy Charlton

Hailing from the coastal town of Newcastle, artist Amy Charlton finds her inspiration beneath the waves, where the mysterious realm of sharks calls out to her. Through her whimsical artworks, Amy intertwines sharks with everyday human activities, crafting imaginative pieces that ignite the imagination.

Amy is a versatile artist, exploring various creative avenues with fervor. From painting to drawing and mixed-media works, she delves into her talents across multiple disciplines.

Debuting her first exhibition in early 2023, Amy's art resonates with both locals and visitors, tapping into their playful side. Her spirited depictions spark discussions about marine conservation and the significance of coexisting harmoniously with nature's marvels.

Beyond her studio, Amy actively engages the community through workshops and educational programs, fostering appreciation for sharks as vital components of coastal ecosystems. Through her creative lens, she cultivates a deeper bond between land and sea, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in a world where sharks and humans share in the simple joys of everyday life.