Ally Fetscher-Smith

Ally is based in Newcastle, NSW, where her lifelong love for art began to flourish from a young age.

With a background in Fine Arts education, Ally has seamlessly woven her artistic talents into various professional endeavors. Starting as a professional sign writer and later transitioning into a career as a professional Picture Framer, she has continuously honed her craft while drawing inspiration from her father's woodworking skills.

Ally's artistic repertoire extends beyond traditional mediums, as she has also left her mark through several mural projects, including the notable piece on Bennett Street in Hamilton.

Nature serves as a constant muse for Ally, influencing her artworks with its boundless beauty. Images, shapes, textures, and colors found in the natural world have always captivated her, inspiring her to infuse her pieces with vibrant hues drawn from plants, animals, and scenery.