Art of Conversation


A solo exhibition by Prudence DeMarchi.

Mitch Revs Gallery & Makers | Creators introduces the new exhibition by local artist Prudence De Marchi - 'Art of Conversation'. Saturday 7th November, 2020.

'Art of Conversation- Musings of Isolation' explores the existential plight of us all during 2020.

The global epidemic has had affected everyone in some form or another. This series of paintings depicts the mental adjustment, uncertainty, monotonous and sometimes droll life of a family in isolation with two small children.

About the artist; predominantly working with acrylics on canvas, Prudence is influenced by nature, architecture, design, music and fashion. She creates abstract paintings that vary from fervent strokes of colour to more controlled geometric and organic forms. Her works are complimented by custom Tasmanian Oak frames made by her husband.

To reserve a viewing, please follow this link. The exhibition will run for one week, 7th November - 13th November.



A solo exhibition by Prudence DeMarchi.

Between seasons:

Right now I’m taking a breath. I’m in the season of finishing one job and embarking on another rather important one. As the weather, leaves and days are changing, so is my colour inspiration. My paintings are a reflection of my head space, my love affair with colour ways and finding my own aesthetic. I don’t think too much about the deeper meaning or social commentary, preferring rather to be in the moment; grooving on colours, form, brush strokes and micromanaging the scope of the canvas.

Please join us for the opening event on Saturday October 26th at Artdork Studios, Hunter St in Newcastle from 3-6pm. Free Wine, Beer and grazing delights.

Exhibition will be open for viewing for one week from the 26th- 2nd October.


AUGUST 17. 5-7PM

A solo art exhibition by Marc Adam

Marc Adam brings us a brand new selection of abstract landscape paintings. Inspired by the ebb and flow of life, Marc captures the ruggedness and delicateness with seasoned finesse.

Come join us for the opening of this special exhibit on Saturday 17th August at Artdork Studios, Hunter Street Newcastle from 5-7pm. We will be joined by Sati, a sound healer and producer from Newcastle to compliment this must-see show!

Exhibition will be open for one week from August 17- August 24.



A Solo Photography Exhibition by Khara Deurhof

This collection of photographs capture the quiet and in-between moments that punctuate daily life and travel in India. It reflects a personal experience and exploration of a land full of juxtaposition, colour and sound, chaotic and calm. From the elusive play of light on street food vendors to the grandeur of Himalayan peaks, this body of work captures fleeting instances of grace that can be found in the everyday. VIVID INDIA moves beyond the boundaries of landscape to include portraits and streetscapes, uncovering both delicacy and strength within the subject.

Please join us for the opening event on August 3rd at Artdork Studios, Hunter St in Newcastle from 3-6pm 🧡😄

Exhibition will be open for 1 week in Newcastle from 3-10 August (gallery closed Wednesday)