Art Classes, but make them FUN. Let your kids explore their creative side in The Mitch Revs Gallery

During this 2 hour workshop, your children will be taught Mitch's step by step creative process & the fundamentals of Skate Deck Art, with help from our professional Artist's.
We will be educating these kids on how to tap into their inner Artist, broaden their creative skill set, all while making new friends and memories within the Mitch Revs Gallery.
Some of these little Artist's like to get creative prior to our workshops and bring along their sketches, but don't worry if you are stuck for ideas...There is plenty of inspiration to take from Mitch's Artwork that line the Gallery walls.

The Mitch Revs Gallery is proud to announce our partnership between Decked Out x Skate Connection. When purchasing a ticket to one of our Mitch Revs Decked Out Workshops, you are able to take your completed board to any Skate Connection store and receive a discounted deal on trucks, wheels and grip tape. You also get a 30 minute FREE skate lesson with a professional skate instructor. All you need to do is call their store and book in a time!

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Please email or call 0413 822 268 to book a birthday party, private workshop or school excursion

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