About Mitch

Mitch Revs. Artist. Illustrator. Director of The Mitch Revs Gallery & Pinot and Picasso Newcastle.

Starting as an apprentice tattooist, Mitch found he had a natural talent for drawing and creating and wanted to turn what became a one-on-one piece of art, into something that could be shared and enjoyed by many.

Mitch’s checklist when creating art is simple: Does it make people smile? Does it make people happy?

And so, in 2013 this self-taught artist transitioned into designing and painting murals, fine art pieces and digital illustrations.

But first, what made people smile and feel happy?

Colour, humorous scenarios, colour, imparting life lessons, colour, our oceans, bright colours.

A distinctive and recognisable cartoon style, MR’s work reflects his adoration of the ocean, surfing, skating, nature, animals, sea life and community. Each piece he creates gives you the opportunity to join him in that happy moment, feel nostalgic and understand the freedom of creativity.

A message from Mitch:

Let yourself be surrounded by colour & creativity.

Right now in this moment you are here.

Be present. Enjoy!”


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