Murals, why do them?
murals, besides being great to look at, create a sense of place, they give character.
first step in creating a mural is working with our clients to bring their ideas to life. we look at their community, their branding, their surroundings.
our aim is to bring your walls to life, this increases foot traffic & brightens up a wall for some happy snaps. 
to start Mitch Revs will sketch a design or use photoshop illustrator to impose his design onto their wall, allowing an exact visual of what the mural would look like. second, he freehand ‘chalks’ up the wall as an outline before painting.
then, it’s all in choosing the colour palette. this is where HPS Newcastle comes in. the best of the best. 
Mitch, " as I paint in the base colours for the murals background, I have to make sure the colour balance is correct along the entire wall. This is important for all the other steps to come, and consistency"
this the longest part of the process, and really gets those shoulder muscles, working! Generally, the drying process takes about an hour, so we usually hope for good weather.
once the base blocking colours dries, the shadowing, details and surrounds are next in. painting free hand, Mitch works his way through the mural adding all the elements that bring it to life. look closely at how in depth these layers are, each wave having the sunlight reflect off it, the shadows in the water.
does your business need something to brighten it's walls, draw in attention and create a great space for your customers to get a photo in front of? of course you do. 
July 16, 2020 — Mitch Revs