Bondi Beach Sydney NSW Australia Artwork

Art is more than a decorative piece. Art tells a story, not just of the artist but of you too.

We are drawn to particular pieces of art for a reason. It may remind you of a place, a person, a moment in time. Or, it simply might just make you feel something when admiring it.

Art is such a significant part of a space. It influences the mood of the viewer and creates an atmosphere for your environment.

The walls you surround yourself with become your retreat, your sanctuary from the outside world. Your artwork must reflect you, reflect things that make you feel happy and your style. In coastal towns, we feel most at ease near the water. Including art that reminds you of the ocean will create a sense of calmness and reiterate the feeling of ‘home’ that being near the ocean brings.

If you are considering buying art for your home remember this; it must make you happy.

If you are considering purchasing art for someone else, remember that it is the most thoughtful gift you could buy. Gifting somebody something that reminds you of them, is sincere beyond words.

Mitch's art can be found in his section 'Fine Art Prints' or we have a variety of artists to look through in our 'Makers Creators' tab. The one pictured above is 'Bondi Beach'. 

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August 28, 2020 — Mitch Revs