Gift A Voucher To Mitch Revs 'Decked Out' Creative Kids Workshop
Every child in NSW who is enrolled in school, is eligible for a Creative Kids Voucher from the NSW Government. These vouchers are issued per calendar year, and will re-issue in 2021.
If you have not yet redeemed your child's 2020 Creative Kids Voucher please apply for your voucher online by following the link attached with the option to redeem your CCV in exchange for a Mitch Revs 'Decked Out' Workshop Voucher.
The 'Decked Out' Workshops will be running over the school holidays, with workshops dates being released in December. These workshops allow kids to explore their creativity with the help from professional artists, encouraging them to put their very own design on a skate board deck with Posca Pens in the Mitch Revs Gallery.
Tickets will be $110- ($100 redeemable with CCV if applicable).
Once you have redeemed your voucher, please email with your child(s)
Full Name:
Date of Birth:
Creative Kids Voucher Number:
All three details must be included for the voucher to process.
To apply for your creative kids voucher click here.
If your child is not eligible for a Creative Kids Voucher, or has used their 2020 voucher already - you are able to purchase a Mitch Revs gift voucher which can be used to purchase a 'Decked Out' ticket - here.
November 13, 2020 — Mitch Revs