Vegemite X Mitch Revs
In 2018, Mitch was selected to create a commemorative jar for the little Aussie icon....Vegemite for their 95th Anniversary
He created his design in response to a creative brief that asked him to sum up the “taste of Australia”.
Mitch was one of three artists across Australia to have work selected to feature on the commemorative Vegemite jars. Melbourne artist David Bromley, and Brisbane-based Kaiadilt artist Claudia Moodoonuthi, also had work chosen for the ‘95 Years’ collection. 
Each artist replicated their jar design as a large art work, which was auctioned for a charity, Mitch chose the Westpac Rescue Helicopter Service to donate the proceeds for the Charity piece he painted for the auction night. 

Each jar was released throughout September 2018, one at a time, until stocks ran out.

Below Mitch recounts the Collaboration that changed everything for him!

Incoming email:
Mitch Revs X Vegemite collaboration //
Dear Mitch,
This year Vegemite turns 95 and you have been identified as an Artist the brand would love to open discussions with. Please contact us as soon as possible. We look forward to hearing from you. Best, Vegemite.

I remember thinking, “Ummm ok is this some kind of joke?” This email came at a time where brand collaborations were coming in left right and center. The success of my last exhibition had gained attention. There would have been a few hundred artworks out in the world at this point and it had people talking.
I click on the artist brief. The top line read -
“6 Australian Artists have been approached to rework the iconic Vegemite label for our 95th. Birthday: 3 will be chosen - Bega (Vegemite) will work with 3 selected for final product.
Artists agree to formulate/draft a creative idea around their original interpretation of “Tastes Like Australia” within 2 weeks of receiving this brief.”
My heart was beating so damn fast it was about to bounce it’s way up my oesophagus like a ping pong ball on to my keyboard. I had 14 days to create a masterpiece and of course, in true MR style I leave it until the last day. I had been thinking of concepts and tossing around ideas that reflected the brief I was given. The theme of the project was “tastes like Australia”, what did this mean to me? I remember being creatively exhausted at this point, working 15 hour days 7 days a week for the past 2 years. I was completely over thinking this one. I tried to remove the brand from the brief. “If this was a collab with a small independent label, would it be this over whelming?” I was getting so hung up on getting it right, being one of the 3 potential selected artists was keeping me awake at night.

Incoming email alert*
Subject: submission deadline

Morning Mitch,
Just a friendly reminder here from Vegemite Way that submission deadline is fast approaching!
Super keen to see what you've got planned!

“Farkkkk, I’ve gotta get moving!”
This was a bit of a turning point for me. I recall having an internal conversation with myself. Going over the reasons I was selected for this project. “Why me?! What is it that they see?” All this time I was spending on trying to create concepts to reflect the brief and my style of art was already the perfect representation of what they wanted. Australia is all about having a laid- back / balanced lifestyle. It tastes like the outback, the ocean, the road trips. It feels like our youth, the summer sun & endless fun. A sign of good times, good company & salty memories. I had it! All I needed to do was create a simplified version of one of my chaotic beach scenes and make it appealing on a jar! My idea was if I could make the design attractive to kids, it would be that jar they would hand pick off the shelf and pop in the trolley. We had been asked to provide a rough sketch at this point, just so they could see the direction each artist wanted to take. I wanted this job more than anything in the world and I was going to get it. With my knowledge in photoshop I wanted to give them the full experience. I transposed my design onto the iconic yellow top jar and sat looking at it for about an hour, imagining my jar on the shelf. It’s perfect.
Attach & send!


September 30, 2018 — Mitch Revs