Mitch Revs Artwork Sony Australia Cameras


Mitch Revs worked with Sony Australia on the 'Create Your Vision' Campaign to launch their new Alpha 7C and "it is something I will never forget".

Mitch, "Not just because it’s wicked video and the camera is perfect for my lifestyle, I just loved being around the creative team. Watching them work together to bring this thing to life. I had completely shut myself off from the fact we were shooting, I was so intrigued by the process. The A7C is a beautiful camera, tailored for all creatives. When I first saw the Alpha 7C I was really excited. The two tone design caught my eye straight away, It looked different to the other cameras I've used before. Then hearing about all the tech crammed inside was icing on the cake.

There are a few things about this new camera that will really benefit me. The size and weight being number one. The second would be the flip out screen. And lastly knowing the camera has that full frame sensor! I've got the confidence that when I shoot my artwork, I know the viewer will see a stack of detail that they'd only get in person when they came into the @mitchrevsgallery. So stoked that you guys can enjoy what we made". 

The Sony Alpha 7C is the top shelf of cameras, the cream of the crop. This is what Mitch will use to photograph his new body of work, to allow for his prints to show the exact detail the viewer would see if they came into our gallery.

October 15, 2020 — Mitch Revs