Furst Castle, The Largest Pool in L.A

Furst Castle was built in 1944. 5400 Square feet, with a 250,000 Gallon pool. Seriously!
Imagine driving up the drive way and pulling up to this place.

How did we come across it?
We were on the scout for locations in L.A to shoot photos and some how stumbled across this Moroccan inspired mansion. One of the spookiest places I've ever been to by far, but well worth it.
Don't ask me how I pulled this off, but yep somehow I got a chance to do my thing and splash some colour.

The day was coming to an end, the second and final day of the pool mural. The sun was setting, beer in one hand, pizza in the other and we hear a car coming up the drive way. Its about 200m from the house to the road. Who the hell is it....The guy that owned the place wasn't expecting anyone & its not the kind of place you just visit.
Finally the silhouette of the car comes around the last corner, doors half open.... Tony Alva and a car of his mates get out! what the......
Hey dudes, whats up...We found this pool on google earth and thought we'd fly to L.A and come check it out.
Yep, thats what happened, see the video below.

Not long after returning back to Australia I was informed that The Beastie Boys and Beach Boys had played live gigs at this house back in the 80s - Girls in bikinis on floating pool toys, videos don't lie.....See below

August 01, 2016 — Mitch Revs