Hey Khara, hopefully you’re not sick of us yet! What’s happening!?

Hey! I could never be sick of you guys! I’ve really been inspired here in this wonderful space that you’ve created for local artists. I’m currently getting ready to head up north to Byron Bay to shoot a beautiful wedding on Friday! I’m so lucky as my work allows me to travel so often and it takes me all over Australia. I’m never in the one place too long, and I love it.

Congrats on another successful solo show- we loved it! are you buzzing!?

Thanks so much! I’m completely overwhelmed at the response to Vivid India. This exhibition has been such a long journey - from the initial idea to the creation of the works, and finally to the delivery of the show last month. I wasn’t sure how the exhibition would be received and I was blown away by the support from the Newcastle community, other creatives and my friends and family. I’m totally buzzing.

What was the main driver for exhibiting work from India?

I really wanted to come back from my trip and share my impressions and experiences of the fascinating Indian culture and way of life, which is so different to our own. I wanted to show people that there’s more to India than what we see in travel books and online. Through my work, I tried to capture a different perspective.

What are you hoping people took away from your show?

I hope people went away having enjoyed the opportunity to come together and appreciate artistic expression, conversation and learning - and in that way, enriching their daily lives. I also hope people enjoyed the photographs and experienced a different visual take on a culture. I know that some people came along to relive their own memories and experiences in India, this was special.

We know you spent some time in Iceland and exhibited work there- which was your favourite?

Iceland and India are polar opposites, so it’s hard to pick favourites. Each experience was amazing in it’s own way. Vivid India could not have been more different to Ethereal.

When I went to Iceland 4 years ago I was there for a month participating in an artist residency, so I definitely had more time to focus on my practice. I spent a lot of time alone outdoors, shooting the landscape. It was a solo journey for me, so the work I produced reflected how I was feeling at the time.

India is fast-paced, bustling and intense and I had to learn to embrace that. Every day was a huge sensory overload. In both countries I was out of my comfort zone. When that happens I find that you can learn and can grow as an artist and as a person.

How would you describe your approach to photography?

Documentary, fly-on-the-wall - responding to each moment as it occurs.

What’s next on the adventure bucket list?

Last week I actually headed over to the South Island of New Zealand to shoot a wedding in Queenstown, which was EPIC! I took 2 weeks to drive and adventure around the island, shooting the landscape and hiking. I really have an longing to explore Africa soon, so that will be next on the list, alongside Uluru and the NT. I feel drawn to the red centre of Australia and feel I need to make that happen as soon as possible.

Why do you think travel is so important for us?

To me, travel is everything. I’ve been traveling since I was really young so I feel it runs in my blood. I think it allows us to learn about how other people live, their culture and customs - and also to provide perspective and be so grateful for everything we have here in Australia. As much as I love traveling, coming home is special too. I wouldn’t want to call anywhere else home.

You’re only new to Newy, what do you think of the local art scene?

The art scene here is really thriving!! I love being a part of the culture here and am super inspired by other artists and creatives in our community. I’ve been lucky enough to be immersed in Newcastle’s art scene for 2 years now - initially working as the Event Assistant Manager at The Olive Tree Markets. This allowed me to really see how incredible the arts scene here really is and how there is a real shift in the community to support local artists and their craft. I now work part-time at the Newcastle Art Gallery so I see so much support for the arts day in and day out. It’s really inspiring!

Where are you hoping to take your photography?

Great question! I’m hoping to continue to work as a wedding photographer (because it’s actually so much fun and the best job!), but I also want to continue to develop conceptual projects and grow my career as an artist. I’d love to exhibit a few more times in my life.

What's the best thing about being a photographer?

I’m so grateful to have been able to make a career out of being a photographer - waking up and doing what I love every single day is the best thing in the world. Also connecting with people through photography. That’s the best.

Why do you think you chose to be a photographer?

I didn’t choose to be a photographer, it just kind of evolved that way. I actually wanted to be a visual arts teacher but once I started studying creative industries I realised that my heart actually belonged to photography. Photography is a way of life.

What would you say to aspiring photographers?

Stay true to your passion and your art, and get out and shoot as much as you can. Try not to get caught up in the Instagram craze or comparing yourself to other photographers. Instagram is an amazing app that brings people together - but it can definitely be detrimental to our work and how we perceive ourselves as artists! I would say get out and connect with other like-minded people, be inspired by them - but most importantly - do you.

March 24, 2020 — Mitch Revs